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Daybreak Traditions

TRAVEL Tallow Balm

TRAVEL Tallow Balm

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contains: 100% grass-fed & finished tallow and organic cold pressed olive oil with essential oils detailed below in a 2 oz tin.

Natural, semi-solid tallow balm with a buttery consistency made with 3 ingredients, including 100% grass fed, pasture raised tallow and organic cold press olive oil combined with pure essential oils packed with healing properties. These are perfect for your medicine cabinet, on the go, the office, or anywhere you may need the healing, soothing goodness of Daybreak's tallow balm!

FRESH START: made with no essential oils, clean & unscented.
DAY DREAMER (Lavender Essential Oil): floral scent providing soothing and relaxing benefits
DAWN (Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Clary Sage Essential Oils): this balm has a sweet floral scent that uplifts & calms and promotes healthy skin

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