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Limited Edition Winter Tallow BUNDLE

Limited Edition Winter Tallow BUNDLE

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Enjoy all of Daybreak's limited edition winter tallow products! Set includes each of the winter whipped tallow balms in a 2 oz. tin, a candy cane lip balm, and an option to add a mini 2 oz. peppermint latte coffee scrub, all tied up in a hand-stamped muslin bag!! These are perfect for gifts and perfect for travel. Take some winter spirit with you wherever you go! Free shipping!

Traditional, natural whipped tallow balms are made with 3 ingredients including 100% grass fed, pasture raised tallow, organic olive oil, and pure essential oils (as detailed below).

Limited hand-poured lip balm contains grass fed, pasture raised tallow, natural beeswax, organic olive oil, and pure spearmint, orange, lemon, and frankincense essential oils.

Limited mini peppermint latte coffee scrub contains local & organic coffee, organic cane sugar, grass fed, pasture raised tallow, organic olive oil, and 100% pure peppermint essential oil.

Special Limited Edition Fall Release Items:
GLORY (Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oils) - in a limited edition gold tin: light, fresh, woodsy scent that eases swelling, blemishes, and scarring, and calms and soothes both your skin and your wellbeing.
NORTHERN LIGHTS (Peppermint & Pine Essential Oils): minty, woodsy scent that cleanses, brightens, and balances skin, soothes irritation, and relaxes sore muscles [do NOT use near eyes or on open wounds]
SILENT NIGHT (Vanilla & Peppermint Essential Oils): minty with a hint of vanilla, this blend brightens & hydrates your skin, soothes irritation, provides anti-aging & healing benefits, and relaxes sore muscles
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